Developmental and Line Editing

I edit nearly every speculative fiction genre and am intimately familiar with middle grade, young adult, and adult fiction in all lengths, including novels, novellas, novelettes, and short stories. However, I am not a good fit for picture books and young children’s books, and I do not work on stories featuring non-consensual sex, incest, or bigotry against Indigenous people, people of color, LGBTQ+ people, neurodivergent people, disabled people, etc. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like clarification.

Below are the editing services I provide, along with starting rates listed in USD. Note that pricing is subject to timing and manuscript complexity.

I do provide editing samples upon request: the first five pages for manuscripts more than 10k words, and the first page for manuscripts under 10k words. Note that the edits will not be expansive given the length of the samples.

Finally, please also note that while I will help you strengthen and polish your manuscript, unfortunately there are no guarantees in publishing. That’s true no matter how many editors you do (or don’t) contract with.

Developmental Edits: starts at $0.03 per word (50k = $1,500)

Developmental edits include a detailed critique of your manuscript’s following parts: plot, emotional arcs, character arcs, subplots, pacing, point of view, dialogue, tension, descriptions and sensory details, and worldbuilding (including settings, magic systems, cultural touchstones, etc.), among others.

You will receive a detailed write up of your manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses, and I will offer examples and possible solutions where appropriate. Additionally, we can schedule a half-hour phone call to go over your critique upon delivery. Note that developmental edits do not include line edits.

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Line edits: starts at $0.02 per word (50k = $1,000)

I will go line by line through your manuscript and identify the following issues: grammar, syntax, punctuation, noun/pronouns mismatches, awkward wording and overused words, awkward dialogue, action critique (movement of characters–have they accidentally sprouted an extra hand?), and typos, among others. I will include suggested solutions to these issues. Note that line edits do not include developmental edits.

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